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Try the following databases to research decreasing high school budgets and Arts programs.

When searching within the databases, keep the search terms you enter into a search box as simple as possible. Use phrases or words rather than ful sentences.  For example:  

  1. DO search: decreasing high school budgets 
  2. DO NOT search: Why are budgets in high schools cutting Arts programs

Here are some other search terms to try, but don't be afraid to try some of your own.

  • budget crisis
  • budgets in education
  • high schools or secondary schools
  • the arts in schools

You may have to play around with the keywords.  When you type a word in one of the boxes, often suggestions will pop up.  You can choose to use them or not. 


Getting at why arts is the first to go is something that may involve reading articles to determine if there's an answer to that.

Normally, I don't suggest using Google, however for this topic,  I googled  "why are the arts the first programs to be cut in schools" to get a better idea of the subject. 

I'm not making any judgment on the articles.  But a Google search might give you some background to understand the question.  If you see a site from a .gov or .edu,  or .org,  they are probably ok. Always check your assignment to make sure of the types of sources you need to use. 


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