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To locate articles on alternative seating in classrooms, you might start with a general database such as Academic Search Premier. 

A quick sample search for alternative classroom seating and found a number of relevant sources.

If you don't find what you want, try refining your search terms to get what you need.

There are three kinds of terms to consider when identifying keywords:

  • related terms
    • synonyms or terms that have the same meaning i.e exercise balls, therapy balls
  • broader terms
    • widen your search i.e school, education 
  • narrower terms. 
    • focus your search i.e. elementary students, autism, students with learning disabilities

There are databases that focus only on education subjects such as Education Source, Education FullText or ERIC.  These may be your best bet for finding relevant, articles.

Links to these sources and more, can be found in the Education Research Guide.

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