Reporting Noise Complaints

If you need to report a noise complaint and chat is not online:

Call the Service Desk at 615-904-8533.

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If you're using a newspaper such as the The New York Times, or you've found a magazine online through a Google search, you can save it as a PDF. 

However, be aware that how it looks depends on the individual source you use. Some are very clean and look good, e.g., The New York Times. Others include ads and pages are often cut off and continued on a separate page. Your final PDF may not look "clean."

Note: You can scroll through the pages to see what the "saved article" will look like. 

To save an article online to a PDF:

  • Choose Print from your browser
  • Instead of selecting Print, select Change ... Save as PDF.
  • Click Save. 
  • Choose the destination you want to place your file. 
  • Click Save.

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