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ITD is responsible for administering printing not the Library

Students start the semester with a +$25.00 virtual balance.

They are ‘charged’ about 2.5 cents per black and white page and about 5.5 cents per color page against that virtual balance. When their virtual balance drops to zero, warning messages begin to appear.

  • The first message is: You have printed excessively since the beginning of the semester. Printing on campus is a privilege. Use the privilege wisely.
  • The next message occurs after another $2.50 of charges: Our records indicate that you continue to print excessively.

In both cases if the student simply pushes the "yes" button on the popup message, their print job will be sent. 

Note:  $25.00 is about 1000 black and white pages and about 450 color pages.

At some point after triggering the second message, ITD will contact the student and talk to them, hopefully getting a handle on the student’s printing needs and coming to some agreement. In a worst case scenario, the student's printing privileges could be revoked. 

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